WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) options for companies to implement. NicheOnline.net understands that WordPress websites gives companies the flexibility to present their brands as a website, teach their consumers through a blog, and update their site with ease.

Why does NicheOnline.net use WordPress to create our client sites?
In addition to the reasons mentioned above, WordPress is extremely user friendly and teaching anyone how to use WordPress is an easy task. With WordPress we allow our clients to make edits via the back end of the program without the expense of a web manager.

Can NicheOnline.net handle client updates?
YES! When you contract NicheOnline.net to create your site we can maintain your site based on your company’s requirements. Don’t forget to check out our Portfolio for examples of all of our designs!

Is the WordPress website search engine friendly?
WordPress right out of the box is extremely efficient for search engine optimization and with the addition of certain plugins can become even more powerful. We recommend allowing use to install the SEO plugin for technical reasons but if you would like you can program the keywords and more.

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