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How To Attract a New Target Audience 

We sat down with a Charlotte-based investigation company to discuss expanding their reach to a new audience. 

Here are a few ideas we suggested that could be of benefit to you.

Solid Primary Customer Base

Before you start expanding your reach to a new audience, take the time to make sure your current list of clients are not only happy but consistent. This step is important because your current client list will serve your company in the following ways:

  • Provides predictable income for your business
  • Creates investment capital to invest in your new target market

If Necessary, Create A Secondary Message

When your original marketing message attracts the additional target audience you’re looking for, then skip this step. Unfortunately for the majority of businesses looking to expand, they will need to change their approach. Here are some changes that could result in achieving your goal:

  • Change your marketing collateral headline
  • Highlight benefits specific to the new target audience
  • Adjust your price for early adopters of your product/service

Prioritize Your Time

When shifting your focus to account for a new target audience, you’ll notice a shortage of time. Here’s how you can overcome that:

  • Start with dedicating 20% of your time to obtaining your new target audience
  • Increase time spent to 25% when your efforts start to pay off
  • When the need for 35% comes, hire help


Remember to keep your current client base happy and you will have the opportunity to grow. Just remember as you grow, you won’t be able to do it alone so make sure to hire help.