Can take over our existing website
Unfortunately, does not host websites that were designed by a third-party company. However, we will be happy to create an upgraded design for you and migrate your content over to your new website.
Due to tight deadline(s), can the acceptance criteria be adjusted?
Yes. We adjust the acceptance criteria to fit the needs of the schedule in the proposal.
What is a Setup Fee
The price associated with the “Setup Fee” breaks down to two primary cost, Discovery Sessions and Documentation Development.

Discovery Sessions are the preliminary meeting(s) between us and the client to discuss needs, timelines, and expectations.

Documentation Development is the physical results that comes from our Discovery Sessions. The most common document created from our sessions is the proposal.

What is the difference between Web Restructure and Web Development
When the client is in need of a different layout applied to their current website, we classify it as a web restructure. When there is a need to develop a site from the ground up, we would label that as a web development project.
How do I sign up?
You can start your website project by calling us at 614.285.7212. You can also contact us through our website.